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Best EDC Knife – TOP 10 Popular Models

The abbreviation EDC comes from the phrase every day carry. This prefix is ​​used in the name of things for daily use.

EDC knives are included in the list of items from the list of people of a particular profession or hobby. The demand for a particular knife varies depending on the scope and place of use, gender, and age of the person, social group.

Of course, a number of characteristic requirements are put forward for such knives:

  • Compactness;
  • Ease;
  • Long term of operation;
  • Functionality;
  • Durability to all kinds of external influences.

Knives every day carry are universal. They are mainly folding type. Differ in ease and convenience in the application. They can be used both for household purposes and for self-defense.

It is important that the EDC knives have the dimensions and characteristics of the blade, butt, and retainer that are acceptable for free wearing and use. They are not part of the edged weapons group, to which the legal restrictions on use apply.

In our rating of connoisseurs’ EDC-knives, it should be liked by knife lovers, models are made of durable, interesting and high-quality steel grades: M4, Elmax, M390, S90V, CTS-XHP, D2, 154 CM. “Plasticine” types of steels are disappearing into oblivion. More and more often there are knives from different materials within the same model.

10. Tenth place today goes to Ganzo 704

Ganzo 704

This is a Chinese copy of a Benchmade snody knife from an American company. The assembly is high-quality, without burrs and visible flaws. Easy-to-use Axis lock. Folds easily, effortlessly with one hand. The blade is made of steel 440 C.

The clip is located on the right, does not interfere with the compression of the handle. Butt thickness 4 mm. The price is $ 18. This is $ 120 cheaper than the original. You can choose a handle in any color you like.

9. Next in the ranking is the best-selling Ontario Rat 1 model

Ontario Rat 1

There is also a novelty on sale, where a blade from D2 and a carbon handle. Butt – 3 mm.

The clip has four attachment points. It can be rearranged to a different position under your hand. The American company developed this knife thanks to Jeff Randal, who has a reputation as an expert in jungle survival. Price – 40 USD.

8. Eighth place – the legend of Spyderco Paramilitary 2

Spyderco Paramilitary 2

Recognizable triangular design. S30V steel blade with a completely flat blade 87 mm long. The incredibly compact handle uses G10 steel. The Pivot system gives you even more convenience. Has a hole for the lace.

Compression Lock securely locks the blade. Clip with four mounting options. Weight – 108 grams. This is the best EDC knife to wear in the city. The cost is 140 USD.

7. Seventh place is a copy of Sebenza 21 Kevin John

Sebenza 21 Kevin John

Price – 80 dollars. The USA. The original from Chris Reeve is four times more expensive. On the blade D2, titanium handle. The classic design will appeal to many. Ergonomics on top. The length of the blade in the Sebenza 21 replica is 75 mm, the thickness is 3.1.

6. Sixth place for Shirogorov Hati

Shirogorov Hati

This model is selling out all over the world at a frantic speed. The blade 100 mm long is made of stainless S30V, which has a high degree of hardness. The blade thickness is 3.9 mm. Butt with a notch for convenient placement of the thumb.

It has a carbon handle with a corrugated polished surface on one side and titanium on the other. Fixing is thought out using the frame lock mechanism. 3D titanium clip and lanyard hole.

5. A classic from the Benchmade 581 Barrage in fifth place

Benchmade 581 Barrage

On a blade 91 mm long, M390 steel. Great mix. The handle is made of G10. Aluminum bolsters. Accurate and accurate execution will delight connoisseurs. The lock with a semi-automatic mechanism. The blade lock switch protects against the spontaneous opening. Detachable double-sided clip. Cost – 180 USD.

4. Fourth place for unique versatility in use is reserved for the Benchmade 810 Contego

Benchmade 810 Contego

This knife can be everything. From an ax and a machete to simple kitchen utensils for cutting meat. On the blade, M390 steel with a hardness of about 62 units. That makes it easy to cope with a hard surface. The blade thickness is 3.9 mm.

For travelers, this knife is simply indispensable. Weight is 168 g. Two-tone G10 on the handle with 3D processing. Perfect fit for all details. The price is about $ 200.

3. Spyderco Domino in third place

Spyderco Domino

A small flipper. On the blade CTS-XHP. The handle is coated with titanium on one side and G10 laminated carbon fiber on the other. Soft flip due to bearings. Weight – 119 g. Powerful Reeve Integral Lock, which is equipped with a removable steel “cracker”.

On the handle, there is a hole for the lanyard and a clip that can be rearranged into four different positions. Many options to capture. Holds sharpening for a long time. The knife is made in Taiwan.

2. A worthy second place is taken by the mini version of the Benchmade Bone Collector knife

Benchmade Bone Collector knife

Compactness and ease of placement are its main advantages. Beautiful and recognizable thanks to its larger predecessor, which is discontinued. But still found on sale. Hunting design with notches on the handle made of stainless steel G10. The blade is made of steel D2. Great cut and affordable price.

1. Zero Tolerance 0562 CF Hinderer, takes first place

Zero Tolerance 0562 CF Hinderer

It can be purchased in the version where the blade is made of Elmax steel, and the handle is made of G10. Or with M390 steel on the blade and carbon handle.

The American manufacturer provides you with the opportunity to make a choice based on personal preferences. The handle is made in the type of monoblock or framelock. The left die is titanium. It has a finish stonewash and a frame limiter.

Flip is excellent. The blade moves easily from any position. I would like to highlight the presence of KVT bearings on the axial mechanism. Design of a knife and blade profile from Rick Hinderar. A frame lock with steel insert and stabilizer is used to secure the blade.

A removable on/off clip is designed to be worn in a deep pocket. The hole for the lanyard is also thought out. Weight – 155 g. The cost varies from 200 to 300 US dollars.

Whatever fashion trends this or next year brings to us, we must always remember our own convenience and take into account all the possible advantages and disadvantages of a knife for every day.

Of course, this rating does not pretend to be super objective, and the places are rather arranged simply in the order of review, but if it helps you decide on the choice of a knife for EDC, we will be glad. If you managed to find a comfortable option for the EDC knife, it can last a long time for your benefit.

And which knife is constantly in your pocket and why?

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